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About Us

LaKat Gallery is located just past the only light in Naches in a pre- 1940’s vast brick building, that was purchased and transformed into a warm, inviting, beautiful Gallery with amazing lighting and soft, quiet cork flooring.


The story behind this business that sells everything from handmade wood furniture to framed photos and artwork to home and yard décor, jewelry, blankets, toys, games and more is pretty interesting.

The old Layman Lumber Mill is a mile west of the Gallery, and where its story ended, is where LaKat’s story begins. In May of 2006, the last piece of lumber rolled off the production line and the mill shut down

after 50 years of operation.


Larry and Kathy were then faced with a decision: What do we do now? They had traveled extensively around the world and Larry was a photography buff. Their longtime home had been on the beach where photo galleries were really popular. They came to the management team and said “we thought it might be fun to do a photo gallery,” and “do you guys want to stay and try this?” and so began LaKat Gallery.

So, they took the log sawing equipment out of the mill, and turned the “new mill” into a two-story wood shop specializing in custom made picture frames and furniture. A special machine to print large photos along with a “wizard” matte-cutting machine turned the office into a print shop.

Big and Samll Map.png

Along the way the former mill workers became artisans as their creative sides were revealed in the unique items they designed using wood and many other materials on site just waiting to be upcycled.

The pre-40’s building was purchased and remodeled with a Grand Opening on April Fool’s Day in 2008. The building had been everything from a restaurant to a liquor store to an appliance store over the years, and local customers still come in and relate their childhood memories of the place.

We are so proud of our story and what we have accomplished; our photography, crafts and furniture are second to none in workmanship and individual style. We continue to offer a delightful shopping experience in a beautifully arranged Gallery with old-fashioned customer service.

We would like to say “Thank You” to all our loyal customers for supporting us, for telling friends and family about us and for bringing your out of town guests in for a look see.

You can find Lakat Gallery at 10201 Highway 12 in Naches or at Subscribe to our monthly “Paw Print” for monthly featured items. Make sure you check out our money saving coupons and bring them in when you visit.  You can find us on our Etsy shop at

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